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ZapRac™ - Mosquito Zapper

ZapRac™ - Mosquito Zapper

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ZapRac™ - Mosquito Zapper

ZapRac™ - Mosquito Zapper

Regular price $37.95
Regular price $37.95 Sale price $120.00
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The BEST Solution For a Bug-Free Home!

Protecting you and your loved ones from mosquitoes is easier and safer... than ever!

We all know that mosquitoes can pose a great threat to our families. So better take no chances and make sure that your home is free from those deadly insects. 

No more mosquitoes in your with the new ZapRac™


With it, you can be sure that there will be no insects that will disturb them when they are inside your house. 

You may not be able to guard your little ones the whole time, but you can depend on this mosquito killer.


  • Patented Rotating Head Design: Easy use in various angles and scenarios. Make it easier to capture bugs on walls or ceilings.

  • Rechargeable Battery: High capacity rechargeable battery for longer running time and longevity. Charge via USB Type-C port.

  • Fit as home decor: Modern look and easy to organize while instantly killing any flying bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, or moths.

  • 3-layer Safety Protection: 3-layer wire mesh design for safety protection. No shock when accidentally touched.

  • Universal: Handheld to capture bugs. Standing to attract bugs. Wall mount for neat storage or attract bugs.

How It Works

1. Pull the switch to “ON” and press the zap button above the switch; the red light turns on. Wave the swatter to mosquitoes and they will be killed immediately.

2. Pull the switch to the "UV Light " button, the Purple lights will keep Lighting, and enter into automatically bug zapper mode. please keep plugging in the power.

3. Pull the switch to “OFF” after using. But DO NOT touch the metal net until 5 seconds later.

3. Please pull the switch to “OFF” when charging. The red light indicates the swatter is charging normally and a green light indicates fully charged after 3-5 hours of continuous charging.

Specifications :

Color: White/Green(Optional)
DC Voltage: 3500V
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Size: 24x49cm/9.44x15.29in
Base Size: 8.8x3.8cm/3.46x1.49in

Package Included :

1 x Mosquito Swatter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Base
1x Hanging Bracket


✓ Best Electric Mosquito Zapper (Faster and Effective compared to others)
✓ Best Investment to save time and money!
 Risk-FREE + Affordable + It's FREE Shipping
✓ Effective in driving bugs away.
✓ Live BUG-FREE 
✔️ Order Now & Make Your Life Easier! ✔️


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